A key component of home security is doors. Because homeowners don’t always understand the value of reliable locks like Eazea and Philips Digital Lock Singapore, or because they don’t know how to properly maintain their door locks. Because of this, door locks don’t work as well as they should, leaving your homes open to invaders and robbers.

Your home or place of business’s security and safety depend on your digital door lock. Locks must be properly maintained to be secure and effective. These upkeep suggestions will help you with that.


Tips for Digital Door Lock Maintenance

  1. Change your batteries often

Eazea Touch Push Pull Digital Door Lock + Eazea Scan-G 2.0 Digital Gate LockHow often? Instead of waiting for a low battery signal, digital lock consultants who are experts in the subject advise changing them every 8 to 12 months. First of all, it avoids last-minute stress, especially if you’re planning a long trip, like a vacation during a time when COVID-19 travel restrictions are relaxed.

Changing your digital lock’s batteries frequently will also stop old batteries from leaking and harming the lock’s interior components. Everyone who has ever used a remote control has experienced it. We neglect to change it for a year or more, and when we finally decide to change it, rusted batteries and fluid are waiting for us.

Hopefully, the inside hardware is unharmed. Battery fluid is corrosive, though, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid the hassle of having to have your digital lock serviced. Or even worst, get a new one.



  1. Regular Cleaning

Because they are not infallible, electronic door locks can be harmed by grime, dust, and other contaminants. Regular cleaning will prevent debris from contacting your locking mechanism, which could cause issues. Cleaning the digital lock also promotes good hygiene by preventing the growth of bacteria and germs on the surface.


  1. Use Proper Materials when Cleaning

Your risks of harming your door locks are very significant if you clean them with improper materials. Inappropriate lubricant usage will clog the keyhole. Rusting could occur as a result of surface scratches from rough washcloths.

Despite your best efforts to keep it clean, choosing chemicals that are exceedingly harsh could accelerate the rate at which your luck is deteriorating. Just keep in mind to pick chemicals devoid of petroleum while cleaning the digital lock surface.

Because of this, when cleaning your door locks, make sure the supplies you use are of a high caliber and appropriate for your doors and locks.


  1. Check the Strike Plate and Its Screws

The latch-tongue or deadbolt-tongue of the lock penetrates through the strike plate, which is a metal plate. The door frame and lock will not be able to be opened by someone attempting to push the door open from outside your building if a strike plate is properly placed. Three-inch screws are necessary to firmly fasten and keep the strike plate in place.


  1. Call in the Professionals

When repairs require more than routine maintenance, a local expert installer can assist with updating your locks. They can advise you on the most economical approach to maintain and update your lock in order to save problems from occurring in the future, in addition to assisting you in determining whether the issue is with the lock, the key, or the door.



Not exactly at the top of the list for household upkeep is door locks. This is unfortunate because locks are crucial to home security. You can completely maintain your door locks by following these five straightforward maintenance suggestions and doing these routines.

You can get in touch with us if you require a professional installer to examine your door locks.



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