As the demand for smart homes grows, digital door locks are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. They are keyless door locks that enable you to open your door without the use of a physical key. One of the best digital door lock Singapore on the market is the Samsung digital lock, which deems to be an excellent first step toward a smart home because it improves the quality of life and enjoyment of their living space.

Read to learn more about digital locks, its advantages, and how it works.


What are Digital Door Locks?


Eazea Titan Digital Door Lock + Eazea Touch-G 2.0 Gate Lock

A traditional door lock is a single-key object, whereas a digital door lock is a device used to secure doors and other entry points which can be controlled and managed using other “smarter” technology such as Wifi or Bluetooth.

These locks can also communicate with other devices, such as your smartphone, from which you can easily access the lock’s app and manage your home security.

Smart devices are becoming increasingly common. Digital door locks are just one of many devices that can be installed in your home. These devices can be controlled and monitored remotely, as well as automated, by either setting a timer for them to activate or creating an automated program that starts several of them at once.



Pros and Cons of Digital Door Locks


Every method of securing your home has advantages and disadvantages. Physical keys or key cards can be lost or damaged. Remembering your numerical key code can be difficult, especially if you change it frequently. 

But unlike analogue counterparts, digital door locks have many advantages including the ability to transmit codes over the Internet for remote access, better security due to the inability of an analogue lock to be duplicated, and the ability to program in multiple codes to allow for different levels of access to different people.

It does take some time to get used to digital locks. You must remember batteries and keep a way to open your system with you at all times. Still, there are numerous ways to use these locks to ensure that you always have something with you.


How Does A Digital Door Lock Work?


Like any other type of door lock, digital locks have a latch or a bolt that prevents access. It’s an electric or battery-operated system that controls the bolt where the motor of these digital locks requires an electrical impulse. These door lock systems will only work when you enter an electronic input like a pin code, password, or fingerprint.

Smart locks can replace or supplement your existing deadbolt lock on your door. They are simple to set up. A smart lock can also connect to your home’s WiFi network, allowing it to receive the lock or unlock code or smartphone command. While some smart locks require you to replace your entire lock system, others can be installed over your existing lock system or require only minor modifications.

When smart locks are part of a complete smart home, they can communicate with other devices such as a smart speaker or your security system. However, they must be linked to a smart home hub in order for all of the devices to communicate with one another.


Digital Door Lock FAQs


Is it possible to use a key even if you have a smart door lock?

The majority of smart locks also have a standard key opening. This can be useful as an alternate method of entry if the batteries in your device completely drain before replacement.

How long can a digital lock last?

Digital locks, depending on the brand and quality, can last for approximately 1-5 years. Digital door locks have advantages and can last a long time if properly cared for.

Are digital locks worth it?

Yes, digital locks are network-connected, and anyone who owns one should keep their apps up to date, passwords secure, and a PIN for unlocking via voice assistants. Smart locks, on the other hand, eliminate the possibility of someone stealing the key from beneath your doormat.



There are numerous other scenarios in other industries where smartphone-enabled digital locks outperform mechanical or even other digital locks. With additional benefits like these, the applications for these locks are limitless.


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