As a leader, you have an important role to play in ensuring that your employees remain healthy. Not only do you need protection from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) but also from other viral infections most especially with new viruses popping up.

In the current times, it is crucial to ensure that you, your staff members, and your customers are safe and well by ensuring that all your business’s door knobs, lock mechanisms, digital door lock and other keyless entryway devices are regularly disinfected. 

Yes, one of the most hygienic security solutions is switching to Samsung digital lock from a physical lock. Going keyless reduces the chances of spreading bacteria and viruses.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to disinfect your digital door locks in just two easy steps.

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Prioritize Frequently Touched Areas

Clean surfaces periodically with cleaners in areas where individuals routinely come into contact including door handles, push bars, and more.

Allow for the appropriate amount of contact time to effectively sanitize the area.


Step 1. Cleaning The Digital Door Lock Hardware

Before applying disinfectants, you have to clean the surface of your device.

  • Remove any dust, dirt or debris using mild soap and water mixture. Wipe gently.
  • Wipe surfaces again with water only to rub out any traces of detergent.
  • The surfaces should be dry with a towel immediately.
  • Avoid spraying or immersing the hardware in liquid.

Step 2. Disinfecting The Digital Door Lock Hardware

A thorough clean requires the use of cleaners that effectively kill germs, which helps prevent the spread of diseases in the office.

Since you’re not simply cleaning a simple stain or dirt on door knobs or any surfaces, cleaning agents should contain disinfectant properties that kill germs, viruses and bacteria.

Not all have been shown to be effective, so make sure to buy the trusted ones.

However, when cleaning digital locks, make sure that the cleaner doesn’t contain any harsh or abrasive chemicals that will damage the finish of your hardware.

  • Wipe the surface gently with a disinfectant but not in direct sunlight or at elevated temperatures.
  • Avoid leaving disinfectants on the keypad for a long period of time.  
  • Wipe dry with a paper towel or a clean disposable cloth.
  • It’s always best to refer to the product’s manual for disinfecting guidelines.



Keeping your office or store clean and sanitary will not only make your space more attractive, but it will also help you and your workers stay healthy.

Cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces in your workplace will keep germs and viruses at bay and help prevent the spread of infections.

Prioritize areas where germs tend to multiply fast. That includes devices that people frequently touched, a digital lock for one.

When cleaning, you have to bear in mind which products are recommended for those devices and how they should be applied. 

In that way, you’ll also prolong the life span of your security equipment.


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