Everything in today’s society is smart thanks to the quick growth of technology: smartphones, smart TVs, smart buses, smart door locks, etc. A safe, pleasant, convenient, and quick life is what people can now enjoy thanks to the growing popularity of digital door lock Singapore.

In this article, we will discuss what an anti-prying alarm feature you see from Philips digital lock is and we will be mentioning different alarm functions. Let’s take a look at the parts of the digital door lock that you don’t know!


What is an Anti-prying Alarm Lock?

Philips EasyKey 9300 Digital Door Lock + Philips EasyKey 5100-K_blackAn anti-prying alarm electronic lock consists of a tractor, a spring bolt sleeve, a spring, a spring bolt, a door bolt, an alarm lamp, a wireless receiving part, a control part, a state detection part, a wireless transmitting part, a first detecting element, a second detecting element, a power supply part, a remote controller, an infrared probe, and an intelligent telephone dial antitheft alarm.

A door frame or door leaf is secured to the tractor, the spring bolt sleeve, and the door bolt using screws or welding. A power cord connects a control board to a mechanical system. The mechanical system is linked to the remote controller.

The spring bolt sleeve contains the spring bolt and the spring. The traction rope of the tractor is used to link the ends of the spring bolt and the spring.


Different Alarm Functions

The digital lock’s alarm features are broken down into an anti-prying alarm, low battery alarm, trial and error alarm, and so on.

  • Anti-pry alarm means that if an external force damages the smart lock, it can quickly trigger the alarm system and promptly sound the alarm. Even better, it can instantly send a warning message to the owner’s phone to deter burglars from breaking into the residence.


  • Low battery alarm means that the smart lock will sound an alert to let you know that the battery is low and that you should charge it when it is lower than the factory-set value.


  • Trial and error alarm, this indicates that whether it is unlocked using a fingerprint or password, the smart lock will sound an alarm if it is used more than five times (the factory setting value). The system will then start self-protection measures, such as an automatic lock, if necessary.


Digital Door Locks with Anti-prying Alarm Function

  • Philips Digital Lock 6100

You can turn on the feature so that opening the door from within the room will sound the alarm before you leave the house by touching the outside forced lock key. The level of home security can be improved and security issues can be adequately warned of using this feature.

  • Philips EasyKey 9300

Taking use of the exceptional ease given by the infrared sensor, full auto switch, intuitive fingerprint verification, and smart lock features.

  • Philips 9000 series

One-touch unlock and auto lock provide the utmost ease, while dual verification and Bluetooth cloud unlock offer strong security. Ergonomic design and a sleek body display a sense of science and technology.



Security in the house is essential because of privacy. The most crucial place where people store their personal information is here. Digital door locks fill this need. They make sure that nobody other has access to the inside of the property in addition to maintaining the security situation.

Security in the home is crucial since it reduces the chance of unauthorized use. In people’s homes, certain forces are seeking refuge. Unauthorized access is less likely with digital door locks.

These digital door locks are installed on the home’s front door. It is impossible to overestimate the significance of the home’s front entrance.



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