You want to hire a babysitter who will care for your child with diligence and love—but you also don’t want to trust a stranger with your home.

In today’s world, babysitters are an essential part of a parent’s life. You expect them to look after your child or children when you’re not around. However, leaving them with your home keys can be scary.  

However, installing the best digital door lock in your house helps you control the access of your babysitter. 

In this blog, I’m going to share with you three ways that the Samsung digital lock Singapore keeps babysitters in check and how it can help keep your kids safe.


1. Visitors can be issued with one-time passwords.

Samsung DP609 and DR708 Digital Door Lock have a security feature that generates a temporary password for your babysitter. This allows you to grant access to someone whom you are expecting to visit for the day as the code is only valid once. 

Installing the same digital locks in other doors aside from the main door would also provide the same protection to restricted areas, let’s say in the master’s bedroom.

When someone tries to enter the room without permission, an alert is sent, letting the parent know that the door is locked and who attempted to enter. 



2. Door Locks can be In-Sync with Smart Home Hub.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to describe a world in which everyday objects can be connected to the Internet and communicate with other devices and systems.

The IoT is a concept that envisions the creation of “smart” homes, cars, wearable technology and many other everyday objects that would have the ability to interact and connect with each other and with users.

Smart door locks, for example, could allow you to link to a digital door viewer. This helps you to monitor who tries to spy in your house or if your babysitter comes with a guest.


3. Visitors can go keyless.

One of the best ways to keep children safe is to eliminate duplicate keys. While it might be hard to imagine the possibility of duplicates and lost keys in your home, when you use the same locks for every door and window, it becomes very easy to duplicate keys.

Also, given that the babysitter is a trusted one, what if she would accidentally lose her keys and someone may pick them up and duplicate them? That’s a big mess!

With digital locks, you’ll be able to lock and unlock your home or apartment using just your mobile phone. 



In conclusion, if you want to avoid babysitting mishaps, remember to take precautions before leaving the house. Make sure you consider installing digital door locks and cameras to keep an eye on your kids while you’re out. Digital locks offer one-time passwords, smart device links, and keyless access.



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