Do you really need the best digital door lock for your business? 

What happens when a team member enters a restricted area without permission? This can lead to many potential safety hazards. Employees may accidentally leave the building without permission. Or they may try to leave the building without permission.

It’s important to establish clear and consistent procedures for controlling who has access to the building. In addition to keeping track of who comes into the building, it’s also helpful to keep track of who leaves the building, and how long they’re out.

Doing so ensures that employees aren’t leaving for too long at a time, or coming back before they’re supposed to.

So how do you keep your business secure? Samsung digital lock has an in-and-out activity log feature that lets you monitor exactly who enters your building at all times. You can install a digital door lock at the main door and to a specific area.

Now, in this blog, you will find out which Samsung models are perfect for your business needs. Each of the following has an activity log feature and other features that you may find beneficial.


Samsung SHP-DS705 Digital Door Lock

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The Samsung SHP-DS705 Digital Door Lock features a rim-type locking mechanism that is easy to operate and install. It offers a simple, yet secure operation of the lock through the digital keypad. The lock is designed to save you time and effort by allowing you to lock and unlock the door at your convenience. The lock can be conveniently operated via a smartphone or tablet through an App.

It comes with a built-in RFID tag reader for automatic identification of users, and a real-time member arrival notification feature for your company’s safety and convenience.

The lock can be used for up to 20 people.



Samsung SHP-DH525 Digital Door Lock

This digital door lock with Handle Type Lock is designed for office security.

With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, it can connect with your smartphone and provide push message notifications for you to check out the door status from your phone.

With its anti-theft sensor, this door lock will alarm in case any intruder attempts of breaking in.

This smart door lock also supports a mechanical key and up to 20 cards and 20 pins, allowing you to add employees for your small business.


Samsung SHP-DP728 Digital Door Lock

The Samsung SHP-DP728 is an excellent choice if you need a high-security door lock for your mid-sized to a large company. This lock is perfect for any residential or commercial applications, as it can be used in homes, offices, and shops.

The lock can be operated using the mechanical master key and be programmed to work for different users and can have as many as 100 fingerprints and 30 RFID cards.

The door lock also includes a built-in Bluetooth module, allowing users to connect to their mobile devices and access the door lock via the app.

The best thing, you can obtain the list of ins and outs of the personnel whose RFIDs or PINs are registered in your system. 


Samsung SHP-DP609 Digital Door Lock

With Samsung Smart IoT, you can unlock your door with your smartphone. The door lock can be used for your house, apartment and office.

This smart door lock is built with SMART IoT technology. It can be unlocked with a mechanical key, fingerprint, smart key (RFID) or a PIN code. With a built-in, 4-digit PIN code, you can set up the smart lock to be used by up to 100 people. Same with RFID which can be registered up to 100, perfect for huge companies. 

It also supports NFC and a mobile app, which allows the door lock to be locked and unlocked with a compatible smartphone.

It can also be linked to the alarm system or other smart devices. So, when an unauthorized person attempts to get in, you will be notified.



We can’t assume that our employees are all honest. We can use security measures like digital locks to track and control employee access to our facility.

This activity log feature is one such method that can be used to secure your facility. It’s a cost-effective and reliable way to monitor and control employee access to your facility. It also gives you detailed access history which can be useful when auditing the records of your employees.


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