Security in your place of business is crucial. The building and its occupants are kept safe thanks to the digital door lock system. The Philips digital lock in Singapore also includes a number of functions that make managing staff more practical.

The best digital door lock offers several advantages to owners of homes and businesses. Discover the benefits of upgrading the intelligence of your home security system by reading on.


Philips EasyKey 9200 Wi-Fi_copper_eazeaImproved Security

You have to make sure that everything goes smoothly when you have to give access to your office staff. Modern digital locks with keypad-based passwords and smart RFID cards are practical choices for this usage.

Offices contain expensive equipment, necessary gadgets, and priceless and confidential documents that, if lost or stolen, can have serious repercussions. Therefore, digital locks eliminate the possibility of intrusion by any unauthorized personnel by keeping you informed about who has been given permission to enter the premises.



You can access your work anytime

You may access your work whenever you want thanks to the digital door locks. It’s not necessary for you to wait for someone to open the door for you. This helps you save a ton of time. You can enter with ease with your card or fingerprint.


Control Who Has Access

Additionally, you may manage who gets access to the office with a smart door lock. You have the option of limiting access to specific office spaces or granting access to everyone (depending on the digital door lock model).

Since a digital door lock keeps a record of every use, many businesses opt to install these kinds of locks. This can assist you in finding staff members who are not following established work schedules and also prove useful in the event of a missing person.

Based on their whereabouts and means of gaining entrance to the premises, you might even locate everyone quickly in an emergency.


Visual deterrence

Visual deterrents like CCTV cameras, alarm systems, and light sensors discourage criminals and potential intruders, but keyless smart locks will also deter them from trying to get into your facility.

Numerous thieves are opportunists who seek out quick and simple entry points into buildings, such as porous locks and unlocked windows. If someone passing by your building is aware that it contains expensive machinery, they might search for weak entry points.


Provides you with better data insight

It is impossible to determine who has entered using conventional security measures. However, real-time tracking of all entry activity is possible with digital door locks. This is so that they can communicate with authenticated credentials through encrypted means. This is very helpful in an emergency or under specific conditions.


No responsibility for carrying keys every time

You no longer need to carry keys around after digital door locks have been installed successfully at your place of business. As a result, you are relieved of the burden of carrying keys. You can enter your workplace quickly and easily by simply entering the passcode, fingerprint, or card access.


Automatic lock

Nowadays, most electronic door locks lock when the door is closed, eliminating the need for staff to remember to lock the door behind themselves and the possibility of the door being left open.

This is a fantastic technique to keep crooks out of your building and safeguard your company. Employees are required to lock the building when they leave the workplace if they must leave early for any reason.

A single simple error, such as failing to lock the door or improperly locking the building, might provide a burglar easy access to your structure without them even having to break in.



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