A Digital door lock is popular not only in Singapore but also around the world. They are a great way to make your life easier and add security to your home and are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners.

In this article, we will discuss who should buy a digital lock just like the Philips digital lock in Singapore and the benefits of owning a digital door lock.


Philips EasyKey 9200 Digital Door Lock + Philips EasyKey 5100-K_black_eazea1. Technology-Savvy

Tech-savvy people are always on the move. These people live in a fast-paced society with their families. Therefore, they seek comfort in their home. Digital door locks are ideal for someone like them because they don’t have to waste a single second worrying about where their keys are or looking for them.

Save time and hassle by harnessing the power of technology to easily access your home using your passcode, fingerprint, or key fob.



2. Tourist Accommodation Owner

More and more people believe that investing in the right technology is essential to ensuring the protection of your visitors and facilities, and thereby the success of your property.

This makes smart locks a must-have for any host or property manager. Forget traditional handing over of keys and always eliminate unnecessary trips to your property with the simple method of opening the door with a code.


3. Aesthetic Homeowner

For aesthetic homeowners, style is your calling card, and traditional locks are a little too basic for your taste. Digital door locks are stylish, and aesthetically pleasing, and can even increase the value of your home. A well-made digital lock looks better with HDB gates than a rusty old-fashioned lock.

If you’re hosting guests, a digital door lock can add a stylish, modern twist to your home’s aesthetic. If you want to bring a modern look to your home, jump on the home automation trend and get digital door locks for HDB apartments.


4. Elderly

These locks are great for keeping all entrances locked at night or when you or other caregivers are away. It has buttons and a keypad, and a predefined code must be used to unlock the door. Some models have a tamper alarm, and if you enter the wrong code several times in a row, it immediately disables the lock for 60 seconds and sounds a loud alarm.


5. Security Seekers

Your home is your safe haven and you want to feel safe. Anyone who cares about overall security should definitely invest in a digital door lock. Homes with standard non-digital locks are very easy to break.

Digital door locks are more secure than standard locks because they are difficult to crack or pick. Access modes such as fingerprint, RFID card, PIN code, and Bluetooth app access ensure a robust security system. Certain digital door locks can be programmed to require the use of two entry methods before access is granted, thus enhancing security.


Benefits of Owning a Digital Door Lock

  • Convenience. The convenience of smart digital door locks cannot be overemphasized. Reduce the time it takes to press a button, tap a map, or access your home via your smartphone.
  • Aesthetics. Smart digital door locks are not only practical but also offer a chic and modern feel. These locks are designed to complement any decor with a universal and elegant aesthetic.
  • Jam-packed with features. Smart digital door locks are packed with features not found in traditional locks. It has many features to keep your home safe while monitoring what is going on in your home.



Almost everything is smart these days! What better way to protect these supplements at home than with a smart door lock or digital door lock?

If you need help installing a keyless lock or need more information on how these locks work, please contact us.



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