With the growth of remote operational ease and energy-efficient technologies, smart home technology has gradually become a reality. The next logical step is to install a digital lock Singapore because they offer convenience and security while also adding style to your home.

The Philips digital lock has insisted on innovation, research, and development for a very long time. Philips digital lock covers all the customer requests for door locks thanks to its extensive product systems and variety of designs.

The various capabilities of Philips digital door locks will be demonstrated in this article.


Philips EasyKey 9300 Digital Door Lock + Philips EasyKey 5100-K_blackPhilips Digital Door Lock Features

  1. Fingerprint Access

The push-pull handle has a fingerprint sensor built into it. Once you grasp the handle, the fingerprint reader will recognize your finger and unlock the door.

After successfully verifying your identity with your fingerprint, you can just reach out and contact the sensor. After that, you can push it open. You will have a quick and easy time opening doors with the single-step unlocking feature.



  1. Pin Code Access

The number of digits you can enter varies across Philips digital door lock types. The range is 4 to 12 digits. Finding your keys isn’t a hassle, and entering your PIN to unlock the door is simple.

  1. Multiple Unlocking Methods

As the first solid barrier separating the inside of the house from the outside, the door lock might occasionally cause us problems. For instance, parents of young children would be unable to unlock the door while carrying their children in their arms.

When leaving the house, the elderly frequently forget to take their keys. While a digital lock could help you avoid these awkward circumstances.

  1. Smart Card Easy Key

More comfort, security, and confidentiality are provided with smart cards easy keys. You can easily access this functionality, and it is simple to use.

  1. Fake Pincode Function

The Philips digital door lock has a fake PIN code option that enables you to enter a few random number combinations before entering the pincode in order to be recognized in the same way as the actual password is consecutively entered. This function significantly reduces spying and safeguards your genuine password.

  1. Multiple Alerts

The goal of any lock, conventional or smart, is to safeguard the user’s safety and property as an entry-level safety solution. Multiple alerts are a feature of Philips’ digital door lock, which might significantly lower any security threats.

  1. Multiple Network Connection Methods

The rise of cutting-edge technology like AI and IoT has increased consumer interest in smart living. Furthermore, the industry for digital locks is also incorporated, and remote control has continued to become a new trend.



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