When it comes to safety, the elderly require extra care and attention. A Digital door lock is among the simplest and most accessible devices to incorporate into a smart home. Samsung digital locks, for example, are a simple upgrade that will make your life easier and your home much safer.

As our population ages, smart homes provide more and more effective ways to improve the quality of life for our elderly friends and family members.


Advantages of a Digital Door Lock


digital locks in singapore1. No need for keys.

Keyless door entry systems are much easier to open than traditional locks, especially for people who are elderly or have health conditions that cause loss of fine motor skills.

While most digital door locks do come with a key, they are not required. The elderly can easily go keyless, and they no longer have to worry about misplacing their key and locking themselves out. The door can be opened after entering the code into the keypad.


2. More Comfortable Secure.

Smart homes are residences that have been integrated with smart technology for your home and smart home automation devices that use sensors, smart home automation apps, Wifi connectivity, actuators, and other features that connect to a central smart home automation hub.

When these devices work together, they can make an elderly person living alone or in assisted living feel more comfortable and secure.

3. Hard for Burglars to Tamper With.

Picking locks is an art that burglars have already mastered. They could not, however, pick a digital door lock. The keyless entry mechanism prevents would-be intruders from gaining access to the deadbolt.

Break-ins are even more difficult to commit if you integrate your smart lock into your security system and link it to your alarms, motion sensors, and video doorbell.

4. Can Still Work Without Internet or Power.

Because elderly people grew up in an era before smart technology, they find it difficult to comprehend. Most digital door locks have a fail-safe mechanism that allows you to open them if your WiFi goes down for any reason, or if you misplace or forget your smartphone.

Some smart locks include optional keypads to supplement their wireless-only entry. Some models also include external jacks for connecting a 9-volt battery in case your lock’s internal batteries run out of power.

To avoid running out of power, most digital door locks include a feature that alerts you to their battery level.

5. Peace of mind.

Smart devices create a safety net around seniors in their homes, allowing family, friends, and others to feel at ease and confident leaving their elderly loved ones at home.

Considering when to move elderly family members into assisted senior living facilities can be a difficult decision, but it becomes necessary when their safety is jeopardized. With modern technology at our disposal to assist our ageing parents and grandparents, we can be confident that their safety and well-being are being monitored.

6. Detects an Emergency Situation.

A wireless sensor network underpins a smart home for elderly care. In the event that something were to happen to an elderly loved one, medical alert devices provide an extra sense of security.

Functions such as a “virtual doctor” can remotely assess a patient’s health. Wi-Fi-enabled medical monitoring systems for seniors, such as MobileHeld, can alert emergency services with the push of a button or when an emergency situation is detected.

7. Digital Door Locks are for the Physically Disabled as well.

Patients with Parkinson’s Disease, cerebral palsy, and fibromyalgia, for example, would have difficulty fitting the key into the keyhole or punching in the correct passcode numbers on the keypad.

This means that having a digital door lock will give the elderly and people with disabilities a little more independence. They no longer have to constantly rely on others to help them open their locks.



When you purchase a digital door lock, ageing no longer has to be an inconvenience. Installing a smart door lock provides numerous advantages, including convenience, security, safety, and peace of mind. For the elderly who need to install digital door locks but can’t afford to do it physically, we offer assistance, just give us a call!


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