As the digital age continues to take over our lives, technology continues to progress at an accelerated rate. The digital world is rapidly advancing and evolving at an unprecedented speed. 

You may have heard that manual locks are being replaced by Samsung Digital Lock and Philips Digital Lock. But how do smart locks beat traditional locks? 

In today’s blog, we point out some of the crucial elements behind the success of smart locks in Singapore and beyond. 

Samsung 537(Grey)+Samsung 705G1. Growing Interests in Smart Homes

Smart home appliances are growing in popularity and consumers have already started using them in every part of their homes. Security, including digital locks, is the third largest application segment of the Singapore smart home market. 

In fact, Singapore Smart Home Market Report shows that

“The smart home market in Singapore is estimated at over US$ 125 Million in 2018 and is predicted to grow at a double-digit rate during the forecast period to 2025.”

These figures alone are proof of the digital door lock’s dominance over the manual keys.

But what drives the smart home market? Basically, it’s the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The convenience and high efficiency of IoT-enabled digital locks appealed to the masses and have led to its continuous progress. It drives customers to achieve full home automation and it all begins by shifting from using the traditional keys. 


2. Heightening Security & Safety Considerations

We have come to accept that our lives are increasingly under threat from criminals. While the security industry has made significant advances in recent years, the market is dominated by companies who offer solutions that are not quite as effective or reliable as they should be. 

For example, traditional locks are relatively cheap but often provide an inferior solution. On the other hand, smart digital locks along with digital door viewers can provide better security and safety for both residential and commercial spaces – homes, retail stores, office buildings, and even schools.


3. Evolution of Outstanding Features

The key to the market dominance of smart locks is that they offer unique features that set them apart from traditional deadbolt and magnetic locks.

The Smart Digital Lock has numerous features such as:

  • remotely unlocked and re-locked doors using a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • keyless entry: fingerprint scanning, biometrics, passcode, Bluetooth
  • temporary access code for visitors
  • detect if someone has attempted to access the lock in any way, and alert the user via an alarm or an SMS
  • and many more

These features are not just for aesthetic reasons but mainly for their own purpose that would fit the lifestyle and preferences of the users in all walks of life. It works for parents who have babies, toddlers or even pets, workers who refuse to fumble on keys to enter, or business owner who wants the easiest and safest mode of entering and exiting the building.



We all know that manual locks are very easy to break and use. As a result, there’s been an evolution of digital locks that make use of high-tech sensors and algorithms to provide the security needed to secure doors and homes.

Philips and Samsung are among the many brands in the industry who have been hard at work developing new technologies for the smart home.

Every time a new model is launched, you will expect new and exciting features, enhanced programming, innovative styles, durability and effective protection, and so much more.

Consumers including homeowners, store owners, and clinic owners are realizing that digital locks offer better security, ease of use, and value for money. You can always check our extensive collection and surely one of those is designed for you. You can now say goodbye to your manual locks!


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