When your digital door lock battery dies, you’ll need to find a solution that allows you to access your home without having to worry about locking yourself out or losing your keys.

Your home security system is an integral part of your family’s daily life, and its reliability is paramount to you, your family and your peace of mind.

Because of its convenience and efficiency, the best digital lock is more often opted to secure the doors. But just like any other battery-operated devices, digital locks’ battery will also weaken.

The good thing about this technology is having a low battery indicator, which will alert you in advance when the battery is getting low.

When the battery is less than 20%, a notification will also be sent to your mobile app to remind you of replacing the battery.

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Yet, there are still instances that you’d likely forget to replace the batteries on time.

Many homeowners are unaware that a totally exhausted battery can cause their keyless lock to stop working. If it fails, you may not open or close the door.

But, fret not! Before calling an authorized service centre, you should know that having Philips digital lock as the main locking mechanism in your house provides several features that set it apart from the rest in the market.

It has unique intelligence that represents its various unlocking methods. 

Now, if your door lock is out of battery, what options do you have?


Mechanical Key Unlock

The combination of smart locks and manual keys is very convenient for homeowners. 

In rare cases when the battery is drained, you can simply pull out the key from where you secretly hide it – inside the car or in your office locker.

Although the door could be unlocked by a mechanical key, especially for emergency purposes, it is important to know that your house is still secured. 

It utilizes a C-grade cylinder and hides the key at the bottom of the lock to enhance security and maintain its integrity, making it tougher for pick-locking. 


USB Emergency Power Supply Interface

What if you accidentally lose your key, how will you access your house?

Unlike other ordinary brands of digital locks, Philips features a Micro USB power interface where a power bank can be plugged into work as an emergency power supply to the smart lock.

Please use a power bank that meets the safety requirements to power up the product.

This allows the lock to work temporarily however the batteries should be replaced immediately.


Indoors Rotary Knob 

The two methods above are the options if you are unlocking from the outside.

So, what if you’re unlocking from the inside?

The smart lock is equipped with a special knob that can be used to unlock the door in an emergency situation like a fire or power failure.

Simply rotate the knob and you can safely evacuate from the room.


Battery Replacement

The best thing to do when your digital door lock battery dies is to replace the batteries.

To know how, please refer to the manual as the process may vary in every model.



It’s always a good thing to have your home secured. For the most part, door locks are used to protect your properties.

However, battery replacement should be done before it’s completely drained. Take the time to check your system regularly to continually experience the convenience and safety this device is designed for.

Thanks to Philips smart door lock for the innovative and people-oriented features which save you most especially during emergency power failure.


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