An excellent technique to raise a property’s value is smart home automation. Many prospective homebuyers state that they would be prepared to spend more for a home with home automation capabilities.

Examples are the installation of digital smart locks such as Samsung digital lock in Singapore and Philips digital lock in Singapore. The improvements you might classify as extravagances, like home automation systems, actually raise the worth of your house as a whole.


Heightens Safety

Philips DV001 Digital Smart Door Viewer_eazeaYou are informed of a breach when it has already happened via standard security systems. When you receive an alarm, it may be too late to prevent an intruder, a fire, or a carbon monoxide leak. These systems respond instead of sending out proactive, timely alerts.

Smart security systems can instantly identify and alert these situations because of their wide variety of capabilities, which can further secure your house and prevent the likelihood of accidents, theft, and even fatalities. Any mobile device can be used to receive notifications, which might give you important updates on recent events in and around your house.



Provides Convenience

Here, convenience is a major consideration. A huge advance in technology and home management is being able to keep everything connected through a single interface. Theoretically, all you’ll need to do to access innumerable features and devices across your home is learn how to utilize a single app on your smartphone or tablet.

In addition to making it simpler to get the functionality you really want for your home, this significantly reduces the learning curve for new users.


Maintains Peace of Mind

We all know those who would rather live in a walled bunker encircled by a moat because they don’t trust their neighbours. Who can blame them for all the catastrophes depicted on the evening news?

These purchasers are drawn to smart houses because they already have automation and security systems installed. You can sense the potential buyer’s sense of relief once the real estate agent brings up the security camera views of the front porch, rear porch, front porch, and driveway.


Builds-Up More Privacy

Because smart home technology is still in its infancy, it is unclear exactly what privacy dangers these gadgets pose. Before installing these devices, homeowners may want to think about a few known and potential hazards.


Creates Long-Term Investment

By 2025, 400 million (or 19%) of all households will have at least one sort of smart technology, predicts industry research firm Strategy Analytics.

It’s critical to pay close attention to millennials’ tastes as they continue looking for their first houses because many of them anticipate automation and convenience through mobile device apps. As smart features become more popular, sellers should take this into account.


Highly Movable

Home automation includes the ability to easily upgrade to high-end devices or remove them whenever the new owner wants to. We all understand that each person has his own preference. Some may like the colour of the device you installed, some won’t they’d rather have it removed. 


Sparks Entertainment

While safe and useful, smart home security systems are also enjoyable and amusing for family, friends, and neighbours—especially around the holidays. Imagine being able to incorporate tripwires to activate exterior holiday lawn decorations and lighting, or the ability to have lights and music switch on automatically at twilight around Halloween to simulate a “haunted house.”

Security is a serious matter, but smart home security can also be cool and enjoyable!


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