Buildings, rooms, and other things can have controlled access through the use of an RFID lock. To increase security and convenience, many individuals install digital door locks such as Philips digital lock Singapore in their homes and workplaces.

This article will explain what they are and how they function, while also giving information on some of the top goods available.




What is an RFID Door Lock?

For access-controlled applications, RFID locks use key card readers and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology as remote credentialing.

The lock has an RFID electronic tag on it that makes it possible to open it without a physical key by using an RFID card.

How do RFID door locks work?

When you get close enough, an antenna coil inside the lock itself communicates with an electronic tag attached to your key card, smartphone, or another device. This starts a tiny electric current that either mechanically or electronically unlocks the door.


To safeguard the entrance door, the majority of individuals install an RFID lock system at home. For both criminals and those with authorized access, the front door is the point of entrance into a residence that is most frequently used. An RFID lock installation provides a far more adaptable yet secure approach for home access.

RFID is a technology that transmits data from one device, like a key card or smartphone, to another via radio waves. An RFID lock may be configured with both fixed and dynamic codes, allowing you the flexibility to distribute keys as needed without having to make any adjustments to the settings.

This is a fantastic choice for houses that are utilized as holiday rentals (like Airbnb), as it enables quick administration by the host. This technology can be used by hosts to grant entry to visitors, as well as to cleaning crews and other contractors who require access to the house.

You can also set the lock to operate just during specific times, which eliminates the need for constant key distribution.

Useful Features

There are some aspects you should look out for when purchasing a smart digital door lock.

  1. Safety and Security

Since RFID key cards are far more difficult to duplicate than conventional keys, they provide security against unauthorized users. For example, when you own a store, you can release RFID cards to your employees.

Depending on the model, some can encode up to 100 employees, which is equivalent to 100 RFID cards. To prevent an unauthorized person from entering a facility or gaining access to a storage locker, key cards can also be deactivated.

  1. Reprogrammable keys

It’s crucial that your key card can be reprogrammed if you want the freedom to distribute keys as needed. You can do this to share access with others without constantly ordering fresh cards.

A subtype of RFID locks called NFC door locks offers even higher security. Since Bluetooth and wireless locks are less secure than RFID and NFC locks, if someone steals your card, they won’t be able to use it after you disable it.

  1. Anti-tamper alarm system

You want to make sure that your office and home are protected from theft and harm. Making ensuring your smart digital lock contains anti-tamper capabilities that activate an alert in the event of forced entry attempts is one approach to do this.

This would provide you comfort in knowing that your property, whether it be your home or business, is well-protected.

  1. Access during a specific time

Many intelligent digital locks can be set up to only allow entry within a certain time period. If you are granting access to, let’s say, a domestic assistant or a contract, this capability will be useful.

Time-specific access will only allow access for a certain period of time, after which the pin code or any other means will no longer work.



Excellent addition to any house or office is an RFID lock. Compared to standard keys and passcodes, they have many advantages. Digital door locks are unquestionably the future as society grows more and more digitized. When looking for a digital door lock, contact us for more information.



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